Having asthma as an adult can affect your life in a variety of ways. Maybe you have to avoid the outdoors during high pollen count days or you have to take a few walking breaks during each 5K you run. Whatever you do to best support yourself through your diagnosis is key to living a full and happy life!

When it comes to exercise if you have asthma, it is incredibly important to stay moving while also respecting the potential dangers of your diagnosis. Consistent exercise can actually support your lungs in the long term by helping condition and strengthen them.

If you are looking to incorporate more exercise into your daily life, our team at AFC Urgent Care Monroe Road can help you find some great ways to start slowly below.

What Triggers an Asthma Attack?

If you have had asthma for a while, you probably know what your own personal triggers are. For those who are new to the disease, your body suffers an attack when it recognizes an allergen or external trigger as an invader and goes to work to attack it. Your swollen and irritated throat is the result of your body working against that invader. The most severe cases can be life-threatening if not treated with medication quickly.

In order to keep your asthma under control, exercise is a great tool to use. It increases your endurance, strengthens your lungs and supports a more robust lung capacity. When you put all these factors together, it can help you lessen your symptoms if an attack were to occur. Below are some ideas of activities to start with if you are new to exercise.

Asthma-Friendly Activities

  • Golf
  • Baseball/softball
  • Biking
  • Swimming (the moist air helps your lungs)

Does My Asthma Prevent Me From Running?

Runners can still happily hit the pavement, even with asthma! While it is true that endurance sports like running can cause more struggles, it is still possible to enjoy these types of activities with a few tweaks along the way. Any endurance sports that allow for minimal rest time can make it harder to catch your breath, so just allow yourself the time to take a break when you need to (even if it adds a few seconds or minutes to your race time).

When it gets cold outside, endurance activities outdoors can be even harder on your lungs as the air is much colder and thinner at this time of year. Just stay in tune with your body and adjust as needed, and maybe skip those really cold days. All it takes is adjusting how you approach your exercise and you can participate in whatever brings you joy!

How to Manage Asthma

  • Breathe through a scarf or ski mask if you exercise during the winter.
  • Build in breaks and rest time frequently.
  • Carry your inhaler wherever you go.
  • Warm up and cool down every time.

Your asthma shouldn’t define you! If you have questions about your diagnosis, come see us AFC Urgent Care Monroe Road.